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Washington Post op-ed: Modi is India's version of Trump.
Modi supporter Pie Bhai 🧠: in a bind.
-Pie Bhai 🧠 : "comparing Modi with Trump means WaPo knows Modi's a fascist AND an incompetent idiot"
- Also Pie Bhai 🧠: "I love Trump, I loves fascists, I love bigots"
So Pie Bhai 🧠 tweets - WaPo, stop saying Modi's like Trump - Trump is right, you are fake news media! 🙄😂🤣

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JNU Admin is lying about rolling back fee hike.
- 95% of fee hike incl user charges remain
- patriarchal dress code & curfew & scrapping of 24*7 library timings remain
- Partial roll back of room rent ONLY for students w/ families in BPL list, w/ income of below Rs 27000 per annum - just Rs 2250 per month! (So even min wage earners not counted poor)
- 40% JNU students' families earn less than Rs 144000 per annum - Rs 12000 per month, these wd not benefit from roll back!

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Rest in power PS Krishnan - the rare bureaucrat who was a lifelong crusader for social justice, SC/ST/OBC reservations. He was the driving force behind social justice policy making for decades. What a huge loss. Read about his work here.

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This has to be a spoof right? Has to be a joke in a sharp piece of satire on ?

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Nithyananda fled India, formed a Hindu Rashtra called Kailaasa on some island he bought near Ecuador.
I hope his admirers like @RajivMessage will lead the way in taking citizenship of the new nation.
How did this rape accused fraudman fugitive manage to leave India minus a valid passport? Simple answer:
Best part is now we get to tell Sanghis to "go to Kailaasa"? 😅

Curious Case Of 2 Men, One SBI Account
One guy kept depositing money, the other kept withdrawing, "Thought Modi-ji Was Giving Money" 😅
Coming to this utterly hilarious absurd story late!

Lets be clear Republic and Sudarashan type channels don't go to location to report. They're hoods who go to create a ruckus to provide material for prime time's shouting sessions attended by outta work loons.

When the initial application of NRC took place in Assam, we were part of a huge mistake. It should have been boycotted.

My name was there is all drafts of the NRC. Its never about me. The NRC is a farce. Its fundamentally wrong.

There are a lot of people who cannot produce those ridiculous documents, specially the poor and the uneducated.

Please do all that you can to create the awareness to #BoycottNRC nationwide.

@sanjayuvacha @gautambhatia @ICLU @Vakeel_Sb @LiveLawIndia @KavitaKrishnan

Read this piece, packed with facts and persuasive argument, by Dr @Parnal12 on Why we must listen to JNU
In today's Indian Express

Since it's Men's day, it's a good opportunity to talk about how our society promotes aggressive toxic overly manly man behavior.

If you were a 'puny child' who goes to school, there is a 99% chance you were compared to other manly men, derided, taunted and made to feel unwanted.

I wish there was someone who had told me as a child, "It's OK to be puny, vulnerable and introverted. You do you."

This is where you get when you hate education.
You share an iconic, inspiring image of non violent resistance - the at thinking it's an image celebrating the tank not the protest!
PS: JNU student movement in 1989 stood in solidarity with !
Also, read CPIML mag Liberation's coverage of in 1989 & 2019 at the link below, also China's less visible though equally chilling repression of Marxist Univ student activists today

This guy on twitter, wants govt to follow china's footstep to crush protest but ends up using one of the iconic pictures of 'protest'.
Irony dies a million death.
@sanjayuvacha @KavitaKrishnan


जो अंधेरे में छात्रों को, छात्राओं को, यहां तक कि दृष्टि बाधित छात्र को जो बर्बरता से लाठियों से पिटवाएं, बूट से पेट में लात मारें, उन्हें कायर और डरपोक नहीं कहेंगे तो क्या कहेंगे? नहीं, सिर्फ दिल्ली पुलिस नहीं, उनका बॉस, गृह मंत्री अमित भाई शाह. पीटना ही था तो उजाले से क्या डरना?!
JNU के Councillor, AISA कार्यकर्ता और बढ़िया संस्कृतिकर्मी शशि भूषण को सुनें. इन्हें आपने पहले कभी फैज़ गाते हुए सुना होगा

Great piece on
by @Parodevi
How dare students want subsidies to succeed, when endlessly failing corporates need them more?
What do you think taxes are for? Some statues, sure. But taxes are for public infrastructure - education, healthcare.

Worried about wasted tax payers' money? Ask Govt why Rs 94036 crores of taxpayers money paid for secondary and higher education/research cess remains unused acc to CAG Report Feb 2019? Instead why hike students’ fees all across the country? See link for CAG Report below has criticised the Union Government in February 2019 on this point!

After hostel fee hike, JNU will become India’s most expensive central university
The JNU administration’s fee hike nearly doubles the annual expense for students

Gandhiji's death was "accidental".
Just as Judge Loya's was.
Just as Gauri Lankesh's was.
Just as Dabholkar's was.
Just as Pansare's was.
True. The Sangh's enemies tend to suffer accidents.
This is what today's kids are being taught in school.

Washington Post op-ed: Modi is India's version of Trump.
Modi supporter Pie Bhai 🧠: in a bind.
-Pie Bhai 🧠 : "comparing Modi with Trump means WaPo knows Modi's a fascist AND an incompetent idiot"
- Also Pie Bhai 🧠: "I love Trump, I loves fascists, I love bigots"
So Pie Bhai 🧠 tweets - WaPo, stop saying Modi's like Trump - Trump is right, you are fake news media! 🙄😂🤣

Just saw that yesterday's TOI carried an edit page piece by Rahul Shivshanker, justifying the Ayodhya judgment handing the mosque land to Hindus. What a glorious shame to give space to that horrific Islamophobic rabblerouser.

Oh and painting slogans on walls isn't "vandalism" - it's reclaiming JNU's walls as publishers of the poor.
Gheraos aren't "violence" - when they're the only way to get Admin officials to speak to them

Guys, can you all give @Gargron and @stux a break? I see so many Toots asking for emojis and blue tick and l sorts of nonsensical things. This is not a for-profit platform (correct me if I'm wrong) like Birdsite. These guys don't get paid to create emojis for your validation.

Treat them with respect, please.

This is SO messed up.

This investigation reveals 265 coordinated fake local media outlets serving Indian interests. All of them linked to New Delhi.

*Someone* seems to be putting in money into spreading disinformation across the world using fake websites. If THIS gets traced back to our Government, it would be incredibly INCREDIBLY embarrassing.

So the rollback of fee-hike in JNU is only partial that is the basic room rent. The bulk of the hike is still there; i.e. the 10 percent annual arbitrary rise, the high utility charges which were nil earlier are still there. So are the moral codes on dressing and the curfews imposed. The rollback shown by media houses is a mere eyewash, so that students stop protesting, and the outside people supporting us lose their interest in the issue. Protests will continue #JNUProtests #feesmustfall

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