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I started a account for my daily3d blender practice.

One day I'll make a pin tweet with all my accounts.


Easily the best ocean depth animation I’ve seen…

Human of the forest
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I love that the name orangutan means "human of the forest" or “forest person” in the Malay language. They were just like “oh yeah that’s the forest guy” and it’s an orangutan

A proposal, dear reader: Create a list of bookmarks linking to websites you find interesting, and publish it for the world to see. It's a bit strange, almost nobody seems to be doing this. Looking through a sample of personal websites, very few of them has links to other personal websites. A hyperlink isn't a marriage proposal. It is enough to find some redeeming quality in a website to link to it.

Are you a software maintainer? Please upload your releases with source code to and make this a part of your release process. This will ensure that anyone wanting to use your software in the future will be able to find it. Please boost.


I can read code just find, but creating my own things is like pulling teeth.

cool & empowering that you can make an anonymous telegram

1. at a cafe, sign up for telegram using a temporary phone number purchased with monero (you can get a temporary number from for a couple dollars of monero, or there are many other services that also accept xmr)

2. configure telegram to only connect to the internet through tor by following this guide

My favourite thing about October is the rise of horror podcast episodes (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

#Jamaica | Becomes the first Caribbean nation to submit a tougher climate plan to the #UnitedNations

Ok so yesterday I decided to start sending e-mails to every website I visit that doesn't comply with #GDPR when using #GoogleAnalytics etc. (things like: "by using this website you agree to...")

And the first one I contacted replied today to tell me it's fixed now 😁 They ended up removing Google Analytics all together.

You should try this too! 😄

I know I retooted it earlier but I've gotta make my own post because fuck yeah #OpenSource #SewingPatterns


#sewingpattern #sewing

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Monoculture is ruining agriculture. Our ancestors were not so dumb: combining rice with fish farming in China increases rice yields by 20% on average, and provides farmers with free fish proteins, valuable market produce.

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