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I started a account for my daily3d blender practice.

One day I'll make a pin tweet with all my accounts.

The cats have staged a mutiny. I have been voted off the island (the bed)
Litter training the kittens was so easy. Wilson has them using the box then covering their poop in 2 poops!
RT @csallen What are the most timeless essays, articles, and blog posts you've read online?
RT @trality_bots If you are new to algorithmic trading, we explain it in detail how to start with a beginner-level example strategy in a blog article written by Trality's CEO. Knowledge is power & we offer it for FREE! Check the blog article NOW👉 Learn& Earn with
2nd bread attempt was so much better! Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything: The Basics is super helpful. 🥰
RT @ashleyneisbeth Anyway! ROCK SOLID PLASTICS manufactures DURABLE water tanks. We offer islandwide delivery and a longer warranty than the competition at a lower cost😉
I can't enjoy the quiet of the night anymore with all this barking.
What's the best board game you've played? We recently bought Scrabble & Balderdash.
RT @SHENYENG If you attended college and had to stop because of financial difficulties. I'm sending you back to get that degree! For YengDay, i'm aiding two college drop outs in Jamaica 🇯🇲 you have to have proof!!!!! ❤️
I woke up swearing it was still mid-week. Finished work and realised it's Friday. 🥹
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