One of the most eye catching metroidvania platformers I’ve seen! Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland is a love letter to the retro era of 80s/90s NES platformers.

The Kickstarter is still live and almost fully funded. Definitely back this project if you want this magic dream adventure to become reality:

I stumbled across this amazing looking game, Murus, on . It gives me serious Celeste vibes and as a fan of hardcore platformers, I really hope it get fully funded. There are only a few days left to suooort the campaign.

Check out the Kickstarter here:

To say that I am obsessed with this game is an understatement. ITS SO DAMN ADDICTING!!
Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams. There are four playable levels, four normal and four hard mode. The soundtrack is where this game truly shines with absolutely catchy and eargasmic tunes. 

Check out the demo on Steam today! -

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Alright so I’m not the biggest racing game fan but there are SOOOOO many unique hybrid racing +(insert genre here) games showcased for Steam Racing Fest!

Personally, I recommend Traction Control and Circuit Superstars 😄

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Warner Bros.' MultiVersus has a new trailer, with open beta coming this July.

The new trailer includes Batman, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Iron Giant characters, and more:

Think Stardew Valley but as a bear in the forest.

Bear and Breakfast is a relaxing, management simulation game where you, as a bear, build, own, and run a bed and breakfast. But…not all is as it seems…😱

Check out the full trailer of Bear and Breakfast on Steam:

A follow up to their hit roguelike Going Under (which I highly recommend you playing), Aggro Crab’s soulslike (or what they call Shellslike) 3D platformer, Another Crab’s Treasure looks to be an intuitive action title.

Check out the full trailer and don’t forget to wishlist on Steam:

Another incredible game showcased during the Nintendo IndieWorld event. This game has been on my wishlist for a while now.

Cult of the Lamb is an action roguelike, dungeon crawler where you’re a sheep with the goal of creating a powerful cult.

Check out the full trailer in Steam:

After watching the new IndieWorld 2022, this is one of the many games that caught my attention. Also, it was published by the amazing Devolver Digital.

Gunbrella is a noir-punk action adventure game where you destroy enemies while wielding an upgradeable umbrella with a gun.

Check out Steam for the full trailer:

Absolutely INSANE how some in the gaming community react.

Here’s the article:

TLDN: A developer was threatened on Twitter after saying, based on his experience with Microsoft, Trek to Yomi would make more on Gamepass than it would have on PlayStation Plus.

I absolutely agree with this as Gamepass has been a hub for amazing indiegames.

My favorite indie publisher next to Devolver Digital is having a HUGE Steam sale! Tons of amazing games on sale and demos of future amazing titles.

Go right now while time is still left! -

Happy to all! Puddin is practicing her stealth skills. 🥷 🐈‍⬛

Huge thanks to BIPOC for nominating me for Indies Rule the World Award!

Voting starts May 9 and ends May 22 so be sure to show support and vote here:

Square Enix just sold some popular IPs and gambled $300 million on the NFT market and well… it doesn’t look like they’re cashing out anytime soon.

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