Here I am again with another blog entry. You probably won’t see me blogging on consecutive days very much, but this was on my mind this morning, so here you go.

Here is some reading material for my small but hopefully loyal following. Hope you enjoy!

And here I am, trying to give Mastodon some love. I’m sure all my 3 followers, or is it 4 now?, appreciate it. I’m wondering if anyone else happens to see my missives, or is this more of an isolated place as opposed to Twitter’s free-for-all? I haven’t had as much time for social media in general lately; I’ve started training to be a volunteer on the Crisis Text Line here in the States. The process is helping me feel more balanced emotionally, like this is something I can actually do on a concrete level to possibly help at least a few people in a concrete way. So much out there right now feels so uncontrollable, and there are so many bad actors and people out for themselves and twisting info to meet their needs and agendas. It feels like there’s nothing I can do. It’s comforting to think I can do at least something, albeit a small something.

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Please allow me to riff for a moment here about something that’s kind of chapping my ass this morning. Yesterday I made the colossal error of posting an admittedly snarky comment to someone’s Twitter post regarding the Depp/Heard trial. My main point was, with everything else going on, why should anyone really give a damn? I should have expected some pushback, and I got it. I clarified as much as Twitter constraints would allow, but here’s what I really think. As I sit here typing this, I’d venture to guess there are several other court cases in progress all over the country that we’re hearing nothing about because the participants aren’t over-entitled publicity hounds. Maybe Amber’s getting a raw deal, maybe not, I don’t know. I cut the cord years ago so Tru TV is inaccessible, which I think is a good thing. But, with everything else going on in the world, plus some personal stuff, I just don’t have the emotional spoons to care about Amber and Johnny.

I’m sitting here remembering the final episode of Seinfeld. Hard to believe that was almost 25 years ago. I remember that in the episode Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer witness a mugging in progress and do nothing to assist. In fact, they just stand there commenting on it. More and more, it feels to me like the American mainstream media is playing the role of the Seinfeld bunch these days. They’re seeing things happen, dangerous things, in real time, and they’re just standing on the sidelines, making comments, sometimes shaking their heads, tut tutting, etc. At any rate, they’re certainly not doing anything constructive to assist. I actually don’t believe they believe the impending catastrophe will affect them. They think they can still fulfill their spectator role. My sense is, like all of us, they are going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

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If you use a screenreader to access the internet, there's a guide to Mastodon written specifically for you at:

It's written by @changeling and you can support their work by donating to

(For those who don't know, screenreaders are used mainly by blind and partially-sighted people to read aloud what is on the screen. It's important for websites to be accessible so they can be navigated by screenreaders.)

I think one thing I would like about interaction here, along with being able to blather for 1000 characters, is maybe there could be some actual dialogues. Twitter, unfortunately, has become mostly a place for retweeting other people’s tweets. And it really gets annoying when people retweet people retweeting them. So you see the same things over and over. Sometimes I miss the good old days of IRC where there was actual genuine conversation without the notion of self-promotion or branding or whatever.

First thing I really like: I can blather on and on for up to 816 characters. That’s practically 3 tweets. Very nice. And the interface seems to work well with VoiceOver.

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