Danke für das Feedback. Ja — Graeber ist mir ein Begriff. Mea culpa, dass ich seine Arbeiten in meinem Buch nicht stärker berücksichtigt habe.

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@rch371 @Jayati1609 @KatharinaPistor Long past time to use real demand to moderate finance sector speculators. Need to ‘de-financialize” our economy on many levels. In particular, attempting to guide our energy transition strictly through financially driven decisions in the pvt sector is foolhardy.

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The critics have spoken! Meet your instructors and explore our award-winning video series at youtube.com/NewEconomicThinkin

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No one is Indigenous until the settler colonizer arrives. I’ve been thinking about this statement a lot.

This is the worst drought in 40 years. Over a million livestock are dead. Dozens of endangered elephant carcasses have been found in Tsavo alone, including all drought victims, including 10 elephant calves. Take action to build climate change resilience!


Please join us for a discussion of my book, “The Code of Capital”, in Spanish to acknowledge the new Spanish translation published in Mexico by La Cigarra!


#OtD 31 May 1919 revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg's body was found and identified after an autopsy in Berlin, 5 months after being murdered by right-wing paramilitaries working at the behest of the Social Democratic government. More in this book: shop.workingclasshistory.com/p

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BREAKING: new UN report warns of total societal collapse due to ecosystem destruction without radical changes 🧵

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@Jayati1609's #FeministEcon is on a roll! Now a winner of five @tellyawards, @TheWebbyAwards nominee & soon to be a book with @UChicagoPress. Watch the series at feministecon.com👀

Isn't it kind of obvious that private jets - among the worst carbon emitters there are - have to be either banned or taxed around @10,000% per flight? Surprised that no one at Davos thought of this, how come?
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#WorldEconomicForum #WEF22 #inequality

Coming up in less than 2 hours: A conversation with @WesClarkjr about the documentary @hotmoneyfilm in which we both took part.
If you are on facebook, you can watch the livestream here facebook.com/hotmoneydoc

Hello everyone! Happy to be on this social platform and to connect with new and old friends!

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