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Sin | Justice Worriers Episode 11

Responding to last episode's conversation with Lizi, Andy, Leah and Jörg discuss sin: is sin a problem that God needs to solve? Does sin stain us indelibly with filth, or is it a gift that helps us imagine a better world?

Store Advice

Dear sir or madam,

Can I buy reassurance
In your newly re-opened
Non-essential shop?

If I queue patiently
Follow the one way system
And stay 2 metres apart.

Can I purchase, consume
And acquire
Comfort and relief?

If I rehearse the familiar
Clutching a shopping bag
Browsing the aisles.

Will I find stability
Nestled on the shelf
Freshly wiped.

On the sparsely populated
Neon lit shop floor
Will I forget for a moment

Until I come back
Face to perspex face
With reality.


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