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We are a podcast of confused Christians talking about justice. Subscribe here:

Speak out | Justice Worriers Episode 5 Should we quietly get on with life, or make a noise about things that are wrong? Is there any point speaking up?

Incredible sermon on a vision for our world in the face of climate change by Leah

Prayers: lament for racial justice, wealth justice, climate rescue

The next one we record will be us reacting to all this talk of sin, and looking for salvation.

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The last episode we recorded with Esther has got us all thinking. We even got a couple of mentions in the sermon, so we're feeling special ❤️

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Sad that we are participating in all these oppressive and closed platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple but that is where the people are. We also have a lovely friendly RSS feed here:

We recorded a nice episode about Sin last night, inspired by our interview with Lizi last week.

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