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Prayer for Ethiopia justiceworriers.libsyn.com/pra

Andy, Leah, and Jörg try an experiment: praying together by discussing the awful violence happening in Ethiopia and working together to work out how to pray about it. This involves the usual doubt and self-contradiction, time to listen to some lamentation from the bible and a time of silence, leading to the creation of a spoken prayer that is as raw and honest as they can manage.

We accidentally put the wrong episode number into the description, and this mistake will be reflected in the URL for eternity.

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We are hoping to record the next episode tomorrow night, the second part of our series on prayer, about "spiritual warfare," whatever that is. We've had helpful insight from the Bible Project podcast on this topic.

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Does everyone get saved? | Justice Worriers Episode 17

Andy, Leah and Jörg wrestle with the ideas around heaven that have dominated evangelical consciousness: who is in and who is out? How can we imagine a God who keeps some people out, and what would it mean for people to write themselves out of God's story? Does people's intrinsic value change based on what they do? How does what we believe about who is included affect the way we treat others?

What happens when we die? justiceworriers.libsyn.com/wha

Leah, Jörg and Andy talk about what happens when we die, and how it affects how we think and behave now. Will we carry on as if nothing happened? If not, if we are changed, are we even the same person? Should we see resurrection as a metaphor that comforts us in the face of death? Can we accept death, letting go of our life and invest in something mysterious? What example did Jesus set, and what do Jesus' mysterious resurrection appeara

Heaven | Justice Worriers Episode 15 justiceworriers.libsyn.com/hea

Andy, Leah and Jörg discuss heaven: is it a magical computer in the sky that we get copied into when we die? What did Jesus mean when he said heaven is here? Is heaven a different place or a renewed version of this place? If we see heaven differently will that affect how to act towards each other?

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