Búsqueda laboral 

A quien pueda interesar:

Llevo meses sin trabajo formal y realmente estoy necesitando un ingreso monetario. Me conformo con algo de una sola vez o temporero.

¿Necesitas hacer algo tedioso y extenso? ¿Tal vez alguna traducción español-ingles o ingles-español? ¿Una revisión de texto, o quizás de código html/css? ¿Algún trabajo simple con un SMC? ¿Introducir datos a una base de datos? ¿Hacer un análisis sobre alguna comunidad, o una segunda opinión en cómo llevar a cabo un evento comunitario?

Me dispongo a hacer cualquiera de esas cosas y aquellas relacionadas. Escríbeme en privado y lo hablamos con calma. :blobcat_owo:

Pueden boostear este toot.

Job Search 

To whom it may concern:

I've been out of formal work for months and am really in need of monetary income. I would settle for a one-time or temporary thing.

Do you need to do something tedious and extensive? Maybe some Spanish-English or English-Spanish translation? A text review, or maybe html/css code review? Some simple CMS work? Entering data into a database? Doing an analysis on a community, or a second opinion on how to run a community event?

I'm willing to do any of those and some other related things. Write me a DM and we'll talk about it calmly. :blobcat_ow:

OK to boost.

re: Job Search 

For perspective: 5 dollars/euros is enough for me to do a weekly grocery shopping with the bare minimum. 20 helps me cover some services I need to pay for, including internet. 50 helps me cover both. 165 a month is a "normal" salary here.

If you have the possibility to contribute monetarily to people outside of territories where the currency is the dollar or euro, seriously consider it. It is a huge help.

re: Búsqueda laboral 

Para tener perspectiva: 5 dólares/euros me basta para hacer una compra de comida semanal con lo mínimo. 20 me ayuda a cubrir algunos servicios que necesito pagar, incluyendo internet. 50 me ayuda a cubrir ambas cosas. 165 mensual es un sueldo "normal" aquí.

Si tus ingresos son en dólares o euros y tienes la posibilidad de aportarle monetariamente a personas fuera de territorios donde esas no son las monedas estandar, consideralo seriamente. Es una inmensa ayuda.

re: Job Search 

@JotaEmese I might be able to send some work your way. I often find myself with little things that need done that I don’t wanna do lol

re: Job Search 

@megabyteGhost Awesome! :0510: Let's talk about it and keep in touch. My contact info is in my profile or we can DM through here.

re: Job Search 

@JotaEmese Awesome. I know you need money ASAP so I'll work fast but I need to put together everything I need done so I can figure out what I can delegate. Everything will be in English by the way but most of what I need is mostly moving information around to different places.

re: Job Search 

@megabyteGhost Perfect! Thanks again. You're doing a lot by reaching out and proposing so don't worry, take your time. English isn't a problem, I can manage.

Let's keep talking about the details in private. :)

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