Siento que hoy hable de muchos temas relevantes y me gustaría compartir esa info, también más a menudo.
I feel like today I talked about a lot of relevant things and I would like to share that info, also often.
Sinto que hoje falei de muitos temas relevantes e gostaria de compartilhar essa informação, também com mais frequência.


Aplicando ideas de permacultura en el mundo de computación. En particular la iniciativa de Cybercirujas.
Applying permaculture ideas in the computer world. Particularly the Cybercirujas initiative.
Aplicando ideias de permacultura no mundo da computação. Em particular a Iniciativa de Cybercirujas.


English: +

Post Permacómputación: +
¿Qué demonios es cybercirujas?

@JotaEmese cc @sejo @maleza

I don't understand everything in here, but they talk about collecting a body of translated and original article on permacomputing in Spanish and you two have already talked about this :maru:


Glad to see you boosted my toot @neauoire ! I read about Permacomputing and Frugal computing on your wiki. Been following links to similar stuff since then, that's how I ended up following @sejo and @maleza (and also because of Gemini).

Cybercirujas (Cyber-surgeons), in broad terms, is a recently created community dedicated to rescue old hardware, repair them for free and recirculate them to those in need. It started in Argentina, so most of the repairs are around hardware sold there. I made a post in the forum talking about Permacomputing and similar projects (100r too), because I think the ideas complement each other very well. I also shared a spanish translation of @viznut notes on it, made by ~peron. BTW, we need a translation for the new notes 😁 (I'm up for it).

It's mostly in spanish, but you can checkout the Peertube:

@JotaEmese @neauoire @sejo @maleza @viznut Can you link some of the "similar stuff"? I've just recently found out about all this and would love to read more!

Also, this is a great initiative, having a free knowledgebase which would help to start communities like this elsewhere would be amazing! I'd love to do something like this, but I just don't know much about hardware

@megymagy @JotaEmese @sejo @maleza @viznut If you've already gone through all the links on the forum post, you might be interested in the ALTAP links here:

@neauoire @JotaEmese @sejo @maleza @viznut Thank you, those look very interesting, I'll wget some! Having a list of public bookmarks really gives them a more personal flair. This is what I like the most about "smol/slow" websites -- you can build an actual relationship with them.

@JotaEmese @sejo @maleza @viznut I'm glad to hear, you're doing important work, the Cyber Chirurgiens is a great initiative :)

Loving your website btw.

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