@JonathanMBR 🤣 She Look so sweet 😍
I love all cats - big and small 🥰

what happened in the United States today 

@JonathanMBR in the United States, the Supreme Court--our Top Lawmakers--just said that access to abortion is *not* a protected right. this means that some of our more extremist states that have already repeatedly tried to make abortion a crime can do so. in their statement they also said that protecting gay and interracial marriages was "a mistake" that they intend to "correct," so we all know what they're going after next.

unfortunately, Supreme Court judges are lifetime appointments--we can't vote them out, or have any way to remove them, unless they die. the extremist right-wing religious party has been pushing to get their judges into the Supreme Court for a couple of decades now, they have a majority, and this is the result.

also that is a *fantastic* picture!

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