It was difficult for me to continue with primary education during Moi era, until when Kibaki came to power and introduced free primary education and partially free secondary education. He did what was better for him then. You're better in next life Mwai Kibaki.

@JonathanMBR has literacy rate improved? I hope it had improved.

But dont know ground reality, here in india education is free but many illiterate parents dont send after class 5

@JonathanMBR even the police went to make them understand, but due to poor child welfare facility the authorities cant just take them away

@Aman9das in Kenya it's the same poverty plays some role, although education has delivered most poor people from poverty, sometimes it gets parents to choose basic needs over education, in Kenya unfortunately we have children labourers!

@JonathanMBR children labourers here too, doing stuff like working in fields during vacation/harvest. Sounds alright, but it is just slowly falling behind in education n dropping out

This documentary is good:

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