It was difficult for me to continue with primary education during Moi era, until when Kibaki came to power and introduced free primary education and partially free secondary education. He did what was better for him then. You're better in next life Mwai Kibaki.

@JonathanMBR has literacy rate improved? I hope it had improved.

But dont know ground reality, here in india education is free but many illiterate parents dont send after class 5


@Aman9das literacy rate in Kenya is around 85% it has increased ever since he took power in Kenya from 2003, he laid foundations that the current government is riding on, although currently no free education as such because parents started paying some sort of fees. Parent in Kenya send their kids to school up to standard 8 which is compulsory and minimum requirements for you to be conversant with national language which is Kiswahili. Secondary and tertiary education is somehow expensive for most parents to afford in Kenya, that's why Kibaki's government introduced massive day secondary school which are cheaper compared to advanced boarding schools. These day schools lack some or most equipments necessary for effective learning.

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