Sierra Leone opened its first processing factory with the capacity to process up to 4,000 tonnes of cocoa beans per year in a bid to bring profits to the country's crucial Industry home and improve the lives of thousands of farmers.

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for more than 70% of population in whole of sub-Saharan Africa.


Beyond higher profits for local farmers, to process raw crops on the place of production has some other hidden advantages:

— byproducts (like bean shells), which can be locally used as fertilizer, don't travel, reducing pollution

— alien plants and insects don't cross the world hidden in the raw products


I believe that cocoa processing needs cold ? Will they be able to maintain the adequate coldness for the full processing ?

@lienrag yeah, if they have not considered, then it means the factory will be abandoned, I have seen many abondoned factories in Thika due to strategic failures, the factory will be added to this list.

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