World War I German military bicycle brought from Germany in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania, which was used by German's soldiers to engage British's soldiers in Kenya.

German machine still intact, I need something like this today.

@JonathanMBR metal springs instead of tires? at least no worries about flat tires, why didn't anyone else think of that?

@JonathanMBR Wow. I have never seen wheels like that. I wonder how much noise is made while riding?

@JonathanMBR OMG! I need these wheels! I could put the rubber tire arround it to prevent skidding, but no more flats. 🤣

German soldiers have FOUGHT in WW1 against British soldiers in Kenya, Ohh, TIL


Those wheels look like quite the experience to ride for any distance hahahaha. I mean sure, the solid tire wheel barrows I have used aren't a direct analog because this has springs... but still I can't imagine it is the most comfortable thing in the world.

Yes King Leopold of Belgium had barely started the rape of central Africa. Interesting tyres...
@JonathanMBR My Thorn Nomad with linatex strips in the tyres is just as puncture proof. I just need to mount a bazooka on the crossbar to out-class that old thing. #cycling
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