Facebook: If you are not paying anything, you're product.

@JonathanMBR As soon as I can get enough friends and family over, I will. Getting them to move is like pulling teeth.

I have been convincing my friends on my facebook account to migrate to more friendly social media networks among them mastodon, for the last one year , however, I saw I was playing guitar to goats, I left for good yesterday. I have been a staunch ant facebook since the day they partnered with Cambridge analytical data to compromise presidential elections in Kenya in 2013, it was rumored they were behind rigged elections in 2017 too.

@JonathanMBR I agree, however it is still the best place to spread information to people as 60% of americans have one compared to twitter's 25%. I did strip out all my likes and other personal data early last year and i think that tripped the algorithm that caused them to kill my account in the Oct 15ht purge during the 2020 election. I'm on there very little daily, and follow only people i really need to follow, the ads are really innane without personal data

even if 1 pays, in capitalism, communism, socialism, 1 is still a product

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