Public Bike Sharing Transport System has been launched in Kigali Rwanda.

City residents and visitors will only need to download an app pay a small fee via mobile pay, get a unique code to unlock a bike from 12 docking stations in different spots across the city, this move will see less pollution in Kigali as a vision of President Kagame to make this city more greener, with renewable energy.

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It's a good thing, but do you need to praise Kagame for that ?

@lienrag @JonathanMBR maybe there is an African saying that if your don't praise your house it may fall on you ;-)

Admirable, especially when I think oft the hills. I lived in Kichukiru and would rather walk, but young people may want to cycle rather than taking a Moto


Ein gutes Beispiel aus Afrika πŸ‘
Public bike sharing in Rwanda Africa πŸ‘

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