My friend David Kinyua who is a teacher in Nooloroi Oldonyiro, Isiolo county just discovered landmine in school compound. They have contacted security personnels to detonate.

@Aurochs yes, when it rains, they come out alot.. In that region.

@JonathanMBR I hope there are not many accidents... or better said, delayed murders.

@Aurochs there are several cases of people dying and others are permanently maimed especially young boys herding cattle.

some are left when military left during training

others were left by the colonialists

others are left by BATUK

others are planted by the Somali al Shabab terror group

we have constant wars between pastoralist communities but don't involves explosives but guns, bow and arrows.

@wauz @JonathanMBR Yeah, when I was living in Germany the railway station and a large avenue were closed in two separate occasions because they found unexploded WWII bombs.

Yes, definetely. Back then, as a kid, they showed me pictures of several explosive devices, to tell, never to touch such stuff.
Near the the house, I live now, there is a 'Marterl' (memorial for people killed by violence or accident), that is set for a man who died in 1947, in a not descriped accident with a 'Panzerfaust' (anti-tank missile).
Sometimes they find abandoned old hand grenades and ammo, too. Especially in the lakes.

@wauz @JonathanMBR That should remind us of the real intensity of war conflicts. Even in Spain, from time to time, unexploded bombs from the civil war are still found from time to time.

Vietnam and Cambodia. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia
Congo. Mocambique, Angola.
The list is endless

@wauz @JonathanMBR I also encountered mined fields in Chile and Bolivia. Yes, the list is endless.

gratifying that your friend knew how to recognize and dig around them.

@JonathanMBR Oh my goodness! I am relieved to hear this incident ended safely.

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