Africa's cutest antelope, Dik Dik.

Facts about The Dik Dik:
-They are about the size of a hare
-Their noses are a bit elongated and often bent to the side
-They mark their territories with tears
-They’re monogamous
-They're named from the sounds they make

@JonathanMBR I have seen them in Zoo shows, such cute creatures.


They also show that big eyes *are* to be found in nature, not just cartoon characters.


In Italy we have a band named after Dik Dik, and I guess here they are more famous than the cute antelope:

@GustavinoBevilacqua I don't know whether Dik Dik the antelope was named before 1960s, because in our Kimeru language we call Dik Dik 'Nthuni'

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