Lost and found, anyone lost camera around 50 years ago in Amboseli?

@JonathanMBR hoy... from Dresden Germany must be from before the colapse of the wall .

@tombies @mur2501 @zem
it was brand series of Exakta which was most popular then, the owner of this camera was probably ambushed by elephants, buffalos or any other dangerous big cat carnivore, and left without it. very interesting article.

@JonathanMBR @zem Dresden is located in Saxony, so eastern Germany.
Searching for the model name "VX IIa" that is barely legible, it seems that this camera was manufactured between 1957 and 1963 in Dresden by the company "Ihagee" that is also visible to the left of "Dresden".

@JonathanMBR No, not this one. Unfortunately.
But then I can still hope.
I had a Praktica stolen in Pisa about 40 years ago. Maybe it will be found again someday... 😂

@bruno yes I hope so too😂, most events that leads people to leave camera behind is when robbers or animals ambushed...i hope this was not the case.

@JonathanMBR No, fortunately not.
The camera was stolen from the car when we were on foot.

The owner of the camera is perhaps not very far ... at least his bones ? Ask the local lion's tribe.

@zorglubu I was trying to imagine the owner of the camera was George Hurst, but George Hurst was killed earlier by angry male elephant, which was the reason the famous beer In Kenya was named 'Tusker'

@alan 😂 those tapes, films, could be black and white film or coloured i don't know.

my grandson did when we will be going time traveling. hopefully i will meet him again before he is born.

"An Exakta VX was used by James Stewart's character, a professional photographer, to spy on his possibly murderous neighbor in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window." -

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