Kenyan MPs Refuse to Sign Kenya-UK Trade Pact

Members of Parliament are accusing unknown officials of "sneaking in" documents that had not been tabled in parliament. They said that until they are fully aware of the details of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Kenya and the UK, they will not ratify the agreement. Some of the annexures missing from the report


@JonathanMBR Is it enough MP's to change things? Are they able to block it?

Yes they have power, but the problem is that they will be bribed to pass it

@JonathanMBR Yeah, but Brexit is good for the UK! They'll never have to resort to something like that!

Some corporates( from Kenya and UK) which sees opportunities in bringing duty free goods here will bribe them not necessarily the government of UK

@JonathanMBR True. All I'm saying is, the British have the biggest incentive here, after losing most trade agreements they had in place.

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