The National Bird of , the Lilac-Breasted Roller, sporting her 8 different colours. Photo by Patsy Weingart

@JonathanMBR what’s this bird called in the language/s of the country? It’s beautiful!

Our mother tongue is generally hard to write what we pronounce ‘nchinchigiri’ but in Kiswahili Lilac breasted roller is Kambu

@JonathanMBR very cool! Thank you for sharing and answering my question. If I’m ever in Kenya I’ll keep a lookout!

@JonathanMBR that’s very kind. If you’re ever in the north georgia (usa) mountains, let me know!

One day I dream of coming there, though somebody(ordinary person like me) from Africa is not possible or procedures are very demanding to travel to developed countries, I dream of coming there one time.

I hope you will come to Kenya before I coming to United States.

@JonathanMBR who knows what the future holds! I hope we both live to see a more free and just world where all people can travel at will.

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