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@Corina Ach wat leuk. En bij mij om de hoek ☺️

when rich people say they don't want UBI, the funny thing is that they already get very robust UBI, we just only give UBI to rich people and call it bank interest and stock management.

I've known rich people, even the average among them get way more money than the wage of any job I'll ever achieve, for free, constantly, just *because* they're already rich.

@Corina oooh... I would have loved to know which book it was..

@elilla thank goodness, looking forward to more photos 😊

@elilla I love grabby plants😍 but that second plant giving up 😭💔that's so sad..

Sat in the backyard when a butterfly landed on a page I was reading.
Right when the radio played 🎶"it's looking like a beautiful day"🎶 the butterfly flew up and touched my cheek.. then took off.🦋
My heart 🧡

currently dreaming of a space that recycles plastic into 3d printed filament and has 3d printers open for people to use.
people could drop off plastic bottles, failed prints or other plastics.
There'd be all the tools on site to recycle it. (clean it, sort it, break it down to size, dry it, extrude it and wind it)
maybe a compost site out back to gather garden scraps. or ideally, although idk how realistic it is, a mycology space in the back where people can train and use mushrooms to breakdown plastics that are no longer recyclable.


👺 ✈ 🍑 🎱 #emoji

The Housing Association is painting doors and replacing some windows and after they put a new window in my kitchen, it felt like being in an aquarium. On display.
So I ordered some window stickers and now this is my view.

In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

@alan Oh right, that's the opposite of what you'd hope for! God that sounds exhausting.

So I'd have to really be careful that it's a train for sleeping, not just a night train.

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