The Housing Association is painting doors and replacing some windows and after they put a new window in my kitchen, it felt like being in an aquarium. On display.
So I ordered some window stickers and now this is my view.

I draped some scarves on the mosquito tent so it feels more like.. a tent.

Some time ago I bought gold foils, for future hobby stuff, because I was amazed at all the uses!😍

Now English isn't my native language so maybe I just misunderstood, but.. smallpox..?🤔

Some things are finally finding their place though.
I'm especially pleased with this corner of the living room, and a spot I created for the cats is being used as intended and that pleases me to no end. (That thing was in the shed before.)

Overwhelmed / but #cat pics 

It was too dark to see, so I turned on the tap.

And some more cat pics from yesterday 🐾

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Overwhelmed / but cat pics 

Yes, sis and bro-in-law have been back and didn't sleep over and now the mini room also has a floor, but my stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE and I can't think straight.

Still, *still* after 20 years of living here I don't know where to put my bed and closets and I know it's a non-problem compared to most everything else, but 20 years, okay. It's making me restless, chaotic, nervous, anxious.

Stuff is piled high in my bedroom, around the bed. Piles and piles of dust creating stuff. Ugh. Almost panicked for real today, like I was losing it (as if I ever had 'it').
Had a magnesium foot bath and did some tapping, which helped somewhat..


Small moment in the backyard today; eating some leftovers inbetween scrolling social media (way too much) and carrying boxes with stuff out of the tiny bedroom.

My sister and brother-in-law will return on Friday, for his next project: the tiny bedroom.

Here's some photos of what my living room looks like now that I finally have a decent floor in. It's cork, with a layer of rubber-cork underneath it, for insulation.

This is the room where I spend most of my life, so it was important to me that it be a good floor.

It feels like me and I love it 😊

Watching women's football/soccer, but getting distracted. 🐾💕⚽🧡

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