Sneaked into my neighbor's backyard to sit on his swing seat and look at the stars. (I could hear him cussing inside, gaming.)

It wasn't even 10 seconds before I saw a MASSIVE FALLING STAR.🌠

And I mean massive, the trail seemed a thick plume of smoke and made me watch for some sort of impact.
Massive, massive falling star. Never seen anything like it. Wow.

Sat there for another minute, but was so impressed I went back inside. That was it, that was today's dessert.


I guess it's *shooting star* in English?🌠
I don't know why, they do indeed look like they are falling.

@Jiriki they're called "falling stars" sometimes in English, but usually only in literature.

@Jiriki yeah, it's not common, but if you say "falling star" at least in America, people will get it after a minute. There's a song we were taught as children "catch a falling star, put it in your pocket / save it for a rainy day~♪"

@wingsnbeer oh right, I've heard that in a Jim Carrey movie I think 🌠🎶

@Jiriki shooting stars in the UK, I think because they 'shoot' across the sky - they look like they are speeding somewhere rather than aimlessly falling

@Mamacrow This one went almost straight down, like something big about to crash. Wouldn't surprise me if it was something else entirely, a piece of space station or a homebound Tesla. 🚗🌠

@Haikyo_neko but always down, like falling, and this one went almost straight down 😯

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