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I was pondering the fact that there are a lot fewer raspberries growing in my backyard than last year (probably because I cut them wrong or something) and felt a bit sad about it.
Then, just a few days later, I found a small plum in the back (dropped by a bird, I thought).
Then I saw more of them.

To my surprise some came from a branch I saved a while ago. My neighbor and his father were working in the backyard and wanted to cut it out of a piece of fence it had grown through, but I convinced them to cut the fence instead. The branch is a thin, young plum tree!

Then we realised his neighbor has a plum tree (the original) bursting with ripe plums. We kept hearing muffled sounds of plums falling in grass, on the path between backyards, in gardens. They were just lying there, getting eaten by bugs and snails.

So I collected enough to make a bit of jam.😋

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