My best thrift shop finds ever.

I haven't gone to one of those shops since the pandemic because I don't feel comfortable walking around for hours, looking at things, getting lost in thought, in a maskless crowd.
I do miss it, though.

I love things like this, that chair is *chef's kiss* but I'm the same vis covid. I've not been to one since 2019

@GracelessHippo yeah I still love that chair so, so much 🧡
I was thinking of going one of these days because I've now been in a waiting room full of unmasked coughing people and it can't be worse than that. But maybe not. I miss it, though. Those great finds... or wandering around, just looking at things..

@Jiriki that would freak me out. I was at my chemist last week. No one was wearing masks including staff

@GracelessHippo No, same here. And that just... blows my mind really. In that field. Doctors, assistants, health care providers... yet they don't consider it a problem that going to them is a health risk. Incredible.

@Jiriki I've not stepped into a thrift shop since pre-pandemic, and it's one of the things I miss the most. So much weird stuff to see.

@librarianguish I feel exactly the same way!!
Half-planning to go on a Monday or Tuesday morning, and real early so it's quiet. But maybe not. I don't think I can be satisfied by walking around a mere ten minutes - an hour would be great 😄

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