97 days to register to vote, check your registration, volunteer, donate, and ask your friends and family to vote.

Besides Trump, we have to drastically reduce the number of Republicans in elected office everywhere. :ironman: 💥

Hey friends! Is there any type of translation tool? Lots of languages I'd love to read.

@stux ?

Want to help stop the GOP?

Getting Republicans out of the Senate is key. Removing Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader is as big an objective as stopping Trump.

Put Jon Ossoff on your list to donate to and volunteer for.

Jon Ossoff captured the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in Georgia against Republican David Perdue:

"Owning the Libs" as a system of government,
has failed miserably.

Lying about a pandemic has failed w/ lethal consequences.

Letting Administration criminals get away with crimes,
has backfired spectacularly. $500B+ with no receipts?

All roads lead to Putin, you had better book your travel GOP.

We rememmber how you voted to aquit charges on a criminal president using Putin's talking points.

As a transgender person I am not real happy with trump allowing discrimination in health care. I am sick of his gutting protections for LGBT persons. I can't wait until Nov when we vote the sob out.

Okay, got set up again. I'll be sure and check in more. I see the Heroes circle is really growing and that's a good thing!

Blessings to all 🏵️

I'm sorry that I cannot be there.

On the good side, I now help @stux moderate here and the platform is nice and safe.

I hope more people come and stay here.

PHEW! It takes a minute to get used to this platform! I was in dark mode and couldn't read my notifications!

OMG! I'm in 'Witches Town" now!
Soooo happy! :kirby_happy:

Hi @ThorOfAsgard thanks for the follow! Got lost somehow but set up my acct again. Not sure what I got wrong on my original. Strange thing is I was already following @IronMan & a few others when I logged in. Happy to see you all! Missing you on Twitter had to go looking as I'm not seeing any of you in my feed. Twitter is a cesspool.

I'm tired of all the tribalism and the factionalism.

I'm tired of all the defeatism and nihilism.

We have more in common than what is driving us apart.

Let's go back to having hope for the future.

Let's remove Trump and create a better world.

We can do this.

Hello Friends, not sure what happened but couldn't figure out my original email & password. So, I set up again!

Off to find my friends. Missing you all on Twitter - @IronMan &@AgentCarter_SSR

~Jamie Diamond

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