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Just 100 companies, which are all fossil fuel producers, have caused 71% of greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution. Over half of these emissions can be traced to just 25 corporate and state producing entities and I’m going to list them all for you:

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We can't trust Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss with our NHS.

We can't allow them to further dismantle and privatise the NHS.


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Former Conservative MP and husband of Test and Trace chief Dido Harding, John Penrose has joined the advisory board of an American healthcare company which is lobbying for the NHS to be replaced by an insurance system.

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@coldwarsteve@twitter.com Perfect

I hope the public watch Big Oil V The World - the story of the biggest crime in history

Liz Truss - a former Shell employee - will continue to pander to the energy giants £££$$$


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I call for a women's union. Not a working women Union but all women. "Women's work" contributes 140 billion a year to the UK economy. Now they're coming for our abortion rights, they don't convict rapists and dismiss violence against us. Whose with me?

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The audacious PR plot that seeded doubt about climate change bbc.in/3cx9bqE

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My lifelong tory voting neighbour declared she will now only vote 😁

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Does this worry you?

Because it terrifies me…

A few weeks ago, an intergovernmental human rights agreement was signed on women’s rights

This week

UK Govt quietly removed references to ‘sexual & reproductive health & rights’ & ‘bodily autonomy’



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Long overdue - a major broadcaster showing a full exposé of the decades of lies, deceit and conspiracy of the sociopathic fossil fuel industry. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0cgql8f

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@bmay@twitter.com @jhgage1@twitter.com 'Denial' is only one possible tactic to be angry about. The next two episodes of are called 'Doubt' and 'Delay'. @MichaelEMann@twitter.com describes it as a against effective climate action.

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments on our documentary DENIAL - part 1 of Big Oil vs the World.

The whole series is now on iPlayer, taking the narrative up to the present day -


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Where is the £ 37,000,000,000 @didoharding@twitter.com ?
perhaps if we all RT Dido will provide an answer!

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Please retweet (IMP) if you think we must save the bees, who have declined by 80% as all the pollinators (*), to save the Earth as they fertilize 80% of the plants.

👉 change.org/SaveTheBee 🐝

(*) Want the list of them ?

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🧵 THREAD. Since we are all now talking about the climate crisis, can we talk about how the climate crisis has already been affecting so many people in Africa?

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But did thy die of climate change or just with climate change?

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But did thy die of climate change or just with climate change?

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