2.5 yrs after we won our independence, we declared ourselves Republic on Jan 26th 1950.

Good Morning all!!! I am worried what will happen to . Ivar the boneless has sent Hvitserk to ask Uncle Rollos French army support to conquer .

Can't use .. the app has gone crazy and won't accept my accurate login credentials!! Any other app suggestions?? Or is Mastodon Instance app is sufficient?

Haven't been active for sometime. This is a new place for me. Need to understand people and start following

When do you think the age of antibiotics will end?? With countries like Germany already moving towards Ayurveda and other medical solutions??

The Aryan Invasion theory.. based on many protoganists in India about this, I am an Aryan and thus an Invader. :-P

Fuck Nepal police killing indian civilians, Leftists minded people of JNU blocking a webinar, now a civilian killing in Kashmir. I am done being human.

Just because we BELIEVE we have access to greater technology doesn't make us most advanced.

In India there is temple which is carved out of mountain from top to bottom.

Scientist still are searching for the remains of carved out rock remains and also are wondering how can so primitive human carve with such precision from top to bottom??

Why is it impossible for us to believe that human generations before us where more knowledgeable and acted as part of nature than us??

Ever noticed the magic where in many soap and sanitary ads have now rephrased from 99.99% BACTERIA to VIRUS??

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