Finished my pizza oven. Very pleased with the result. Have lit some small fires, gradually building heat up. Will cook pizza at weekend!

Installed 5G protection for my pizza oven. πŸ•πŸ˜Ž

You didn't know I had a sparrow theme park in my back yard did you. With rides and everything.

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This is the oven core assembled on the base, with refractory bricks laid inside for the cooking surface. Next step is to seal the joints with high temp cement, then cover it all in stone, same colour as the base.

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Yesterday it was no wind, full sun and 21C. Today, 9C, wind chill and air frost tonight. I've covered over the tender new veg shoots in the garden as best I can. And that's your weather report for Northern England tonight. Stay safe.

I'm building a pizza oven in the garden. The base is largely complete, needs some pointing and the temp support for the arch removed. That's then a log store. The oven base is on top. There's a dome to go on, then that all gets covered in mortar and thin section stone, same colour as the base.

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Can't be mad that Lily took my seat the second I got up, with Toe Beans like those.

We're having quite a long power cut here this evening.

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Yesterday Joh and I went for our first walk of maybe the year? We used to walk every day and I really miss it.

Just around the neighbourhood. Here are some pictures from it.

Splitting hares. In the Barley field over the garden wall before sunset last night, they didn't seem to notice me.

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@IronMan Yes, but if you give a cat a couch, then they'll want a tiny loveseat for when company comes, then a tiny coffee table for entertaining, then tiny dishes with nachos& tuna dip &a tiny tv for watching the kitten bowl& Nat Geo.....

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I'm doing this. 100%.

People are Using Their Free Time To Crochet Tiny Couches For Their Cats:

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