Good afternoon!

After bouncing around a few instances and learning quite a bit about over the last 14 months, Heroes Resist has decided to establish it's own instance.

This has been in our minds for quite some time since people on Twitter/birdsite asked me to find a place to gather for social media that would be safe for resistance work and away from Twitter's constant account limitations, privacy invasions, and Trump.

That place has been created.

We will be migrating there over the next days.

Anyone is welcome to sign up as long as they follow our clear rules, which are the same as general Mastodon rules; no hate speech, no racism, no homophobic or transphobic content, etc.

No harrassment of any kind.

We will, like other instances, be able to interact with other instances. If I'm following you now, I'll still be.

You're welcome to join and we can help with migration. Thank you. I'm grateful for the support and team we've grown. 2/2

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@IronMan see you in the next instance also verify yourself

@IronMan also I wanted to do make my own instance but when I first came here it felt great


People don't like me here as much as I would have expected, lol.

That's ok. I'm good. This way, they'll know what they're getting into before they join.

@IronMan Being new to Mastodon, and having my account on Mstdn.Social, should I make another account on I mean, what's the normal thing in the Mastodon universe for these kinds of situations. I did some Googling but nothing was really clear about "best practices" when moving to another instance.

If there's a document about this somewhere and that's what I should read, just point me at that.

Thank you!

@IronMan Good fortune with the new instance; I won't be migrating, but look forward to keeping you in my circle.🥂

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