Stop testing and nobody gets sick?
By this logic, we can all have eternal life. The doctors just have to stop issuing death certificates, then nobody would die anymore.

Unfortunately, the virus does not respond to lies very well.

Pence encouraged governors to downplay new community spread of coronavirus: report:

"If I close my eyes when the speeding car is coming, it can't hit me." #MikePenceQuotes


"Creditors say I owe them lots of money. I explained to them that if they'd stop sending me invoices, I wouldn't owe them anything."


"and if all those people dyingin hospitals would just refuse to be tested, everything would be fine."



doesn't care if you test for it or not. It's not going to go away just because you ignore it.

@IronMan It's like when small children think that they're invisible when they close their eyes, except that it's dangerous and not funny or cute at all.

@NatashaRomanova We knew Trump has the object permanence of an infant. Turns out Pence's brain has regressed to that level as well. Being a Republican is bad for your development! @IronMan

@IronMan // Exactly any virus cares not for logic or lies it just continues....

@IronMan They know that downplaying the threat of the virus will result in a lot more infections and many more deaths. They know because it's what has already happened.

It never stopped them before and it won't now.

They don't care how many people die as long as there are enough people alive in November to keep them in office.


Plus the voter suppression they are counting on and actively working at.

The opposition to Trump must vote in massive numbers.

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