And some people have the utter gall to wonder why folks are protesting across the entire USA, why there have even been riots.

Remember that the sayjng is "one bad apple spoils the bunch." It's not "it's just a few bad apples, so it's ok."

57 Buffalo officers resign from special squad after two others are suspended for allegedly shoving 75-year-old protester to the ground:

@IronMan A century of movies and TV have completely desensitized people to just how fragile human bodies are. The first time I saw this video, I was terrified his head had landed on the corner of that object behind him.

Pushing someone back like that, without anything behind them, can quickly and easily lead to death. I'm glad to see all of those officers have resigned, since they obviously don't know WTF they're doing.

@IronMan Also worth noting, the cops didn't quit their jobs as cops, they only decided they didn't wanna be on the ERT any more. It took zero spine for them to do that.

@Clout9 @IronMan More time for them to eat donuts while violence at Buffalo protests goes down 99%.

@Clout9 According to the article, they didn't resign because of what those two officers did, they resigned because they were both put on suspension. In other words- they feel that this was an appropriate response. Fuck them all. @IronMan

@Clout9 I just learned that before the police knew that video existed, they released a statement saying that he "tripped and fell." Wow. Makes you wonder, just how many police reports/statements are even factual. @IronMan

@IronMan it was worth going to the link. Just from the toot I thought they resigned out of shame of serving in that squad. But no, they are protesting suspension of their thug colleagues!


That's what I thought, too, when I saw the story in the WP.

It's always good to read past the headline.


@IronMan Fuck that entire team. What pussies. I can't watch shit like this anymore. It's going to make me die of a stroke or heartattack from the rage.


I hope that you don't, but I understand the feeling.


The blue wall needs ripped down.

None of them should be able to keep a badge, anywhere.

@IronMan How is it even "allegedly" at that point??????

I don't know.

There's video from multiple angles.

This is what pisses people off.

@IronMan Every one of those 57 officers needs to be locked away because they're clearly not in the right headspace to be around anyone if they sincerely believe that there's nothing wrong with making a 75-year-old man's head bleed for the crime of being outside.

@IronMan I'm now seeing how rampant the white Nationalist movement has grown under Trump's encouragement. It's not outright, it's more subtle and focused towards power & influence using tortured conspiracy logic to avoid facts.

@IronMan but if the people who feel bad about things like this keep resigning, wouldn't that mean only the worst type of human beings will remain in those positions?


They resigned in protest of the disciplinary action carried out against the 2 cops who beat the 75-year-old man.

It's not quite apparent from the headline.

@IronMan ah, sorry I'm on limited mobile data and can't load up full articles because they are usually full of pictures and autoplay video ads nowadays.

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