Grocery store workers, gas station clerks, sanitation workers, truck drivers and other delivery people; the people who keep our food coming and the power on and the water running - this crisis shows how vital they are to keeping everything running for the rest of us.  

This sad situation has everything to do with the Trump administration's 70 days of essentially doing nothing along with corporate irresponsibility.

Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus:

@IronMan Also, people need to stop going to grocery stores like it’s a public gathering place.

@HopeVanDyne @IronMan
Recently I've heard young people make plans to meet at the local Walmart& Target to just 'hang out'. That or they literally cruise around town hitting local drive-thrus multiple times a day. I have one van load of elderly I see 3x EVERY DAY in an 8hr shift. They think wearing gardening gloves will protect them. I'm afraid seeing workers drop right in front of them wouldn't even get the message through their thick heads. 😠

@AgentCarter_SSR @HopeVanDyne @IronMan

Sadly, it seems that until some people lose someone they love/care for to this virus, until they witness that person suffering, the warnings will continue to fall on deaf ears.

People who can will pick life over a temporary job.

Some people need the money and will be risking their lives and their families' lives.

They should have had PPE from the start, but the Trump administration was too busy trying to save Wall Street.

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