Well, at least the Democratic Wisconsin governor cares about the citizens of his state. The Republican-dominated legislature? Mmmm, not so much.


@IronMan It has now been overturned by conservative State Supreme Court. US Supreme Court ruled absentee ballot must be postmarked by tomorrow. They are showing how they will play November's election.

From Ben Wikler if there are any Wisconsin contacts on Mastodon:
"If you requested an absentee ballot and it hasn't arrived yet—like thousands of other Wisconsinites—then you call your clerk and ask for a ballot to be emailed to you. You then find a safe way to print it out, fill it in, and drop it off. Clerk then copies it to official paper."


If someone didn't get an absentee ballot as of today, they have to vote in person, unfortunately. Per Wisconsin Elections Commission.

@IronMan As they are willing to do in Milwaukee Mr. Stark. Even with projected two hour wait.
Secretary Ross unable to find these heroes in violation of the Accords. SSR remote monitoring shows no interference from Brock Rumlow, just local GOP!

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