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And some people have the utter gall to wonder why folks are protesting across the entire USA, why there have even been riots.

Remember that the sayjng is "one bad apple spoils the bunch." It's not "it's just a few bad apples, so it's ok."

57 Buffalo officers resign from special squad after two others are suspended for allegedly shoving 75-year-old protester to the ground:

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Hello, fediverse! I’m Natasha, one of the moderators of I like democracy and not living under tyranny, among other things. You may have seen me on previous instances, but this is where #HeroesResist calls home now. #introductions

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I'm migrating for one last time! The next time you see me toot, it will be from @NatashaRomanoff. Thank you for giving us a home here at mstdn, @stux! This isn't the last you'll hear from me. :ablobcatheart:

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Now we know why the Biden campaign, and not the Trump campaign, has been on the receiving end of attempted cyber attacks.

It is Trump, not Biden who is the Beijing lackey.

Trump asked China’s Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book

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We will be migrating there over the next days.

Anyone is welcome to sign up as long as they follow our clear rules, which are the same as general Mastodon rules; no hate speech, no racism, no homophobic or transphobic content, etc.

No harrassment of any kind.

We will, like other instances, be able to interact with other instances. If I'm following you now, I'll still be.

You're welcome to join and we can help with migration. Thank you. I'm grateful for the support and team we've grown. 2/2

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Good afternoon!

After bouncing around a few instances and learning quite a bit about over the last 14 months, Heroes Resist has decided to establish it's own instance.

This has been in our minds for quite some time since people on Twitter/birdsite asked me to find a place to gather for social media that would be safe for resistance work and away from Twitter's constant account limitations, privacy invasions, and Trump.

That place has been created.

There is only one poll that counts; the final count on November 3, 2020.

Trump needs to lose by many millions to show the door to him and everyone who supports him. That is completely possible. He lost the last election's popular vote and his polls are crashing.

In 139 days, we fire Donald Trump and every Republican we can who enables the worst man to ever hold elective office.

Opinion | New polls show Trump sinking under the seismic events of the moment:

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The difference between being "not racist" and antiracist | Ibram X. Kendi

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I'm sure a lot of Trumpers and insensitive jerks are going to flip out about a brand name change of a product that they probably never think about or use, but the story behind this is way racist and it should have been done a long time ago.

Change is good, though. Change comes from speaking up. Always speak up.

Aunt Jemima character and brand name being removed from all products -

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@mariahill @QueenRamonda Don't let people forget that trump encouraged them to do this.

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Activism can sometimes take the form of contacting dictionary editors. Words are important, and I'd say lexicographers are more aware of that than most people.

Drake University graduate Kennedy Mitchum, 22, has convinced Merriam-Webster editors to update the definition of to emphasize systemic racism, a concept that many white people evidently need to have defined.

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End Cash Bail now.
2/3 of Prisoners in California haven't been convicted but wait in jail because they can't afford bail - the rich folks, of course, are not among them. If you're stuck in jail you can't defend yourself, so the outcome is predetermined against the poor. The system is predatory. It's why "we have the best justice system money CAN BUY" it needs to end. Bail Bondsmen are part of the Prison industrial Complex.

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@IronMan Families who lost their loved ones wouldn't even stick around for the signing of this EO. He's not fooling people.

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@QueenRamonda Out of town & out of state counterprotesters too.

There's a good rationale for going to DC where 100,000 or more gather for protests and rallies no matter what your cause. Same with going your state capital, the nearest large city, or wherever your elected officials meet. It takes some real hatred to decide you need to take a trip to a tiny town far away to intimidate people calling for justice.

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@NatashaRomanova We knew Trump has the object permanence of an infant. Turns out Pence's brain has regressed to that level as well. Being a Republican is bad for your development! @IronMan

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First, it's a welcome sight to see protests everywhere and going still.

But why do the counter protesters get to pack guns and hide behind the flag and nothing happens? If a bunch of armed BLM protesters started moving toward a police line, all hell would break loose.

A tiny Ohio town’s Black Lives Matter event was overrun by armed counterprotesters:

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"If I close my eyes when the speeding car is coming, it can't hit me." #MikePenceQuotes

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