Sorry for making this public. This Nagyung is in attempt to start a new life here. Looking for amiable peers to lighten up my dull timeline. Fret not, i also speak in Bahasa. :blobcathappypaws: Kindly boost or reply to be friend with me and don't forget to followback. Thank you! :blobcathearthug:

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@Ieenakko a follow has been sent to you cutie! 💥💗

@95 Good morning, senior! A followback perhaps if you don't mind? :blobcat_sip:

@Ieenakko of course. A follow back has been sent.

@zoaweeekly Aaaa good morning, cutie! A followback, perhaps? <3

@Bl CRIES, i'm a fan too! It would be nice if you follow me back, senior. :blobcatbigfan:

@Ieenakko ive followed you. im addicted into feel good anw :0171:

@Bl I'm grateful that you liked our latest comeback, oppa! Your recent instagram update still shooked me. :ablobcatcry:

@Ieenakko tapi ava kamu juga lucu sih, masang gif harus via web?

@Ieenakko been good, been good! Had a good breakfast earlier so I think today will go well. What about you, noona? Did you have a good sleep as well?

@jakes Aaaaa, glad to hear that! :232327: My sleep duration wasn't that long but it's enough for me. Do you have any plan for today?

@Ieenakko as long as you had a good sleep then it’ll be alright! My Friday went well and we just uploaded a teaser of our first ever reality show: Enhypen and Hi! What about you, noona? How was your Friday?

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