Hey everyone! I joined the boardgame server so I thought I would post an #introduction my name is Alex. I'm in my 30s and from NYC, I've been living in Japan for 5 years, 4 years in Fukuoka.

I love boardgames and would love to play any digital games with people in my time zone!

Also I have a PC and Switch. I like to play Destiny, Genshin Impact, and love trying out small experimental indie games as well as bigger games.

I also love animals and photography so I may post pictures occasionally.

@DudeBeardGlasses Greetings! What do you think about Mastodon's layout? I understand it might take some time for new users to understand how some of the features work, but I have little doubt they'll come to appreciate them in due time.

@Humble_Novice_2022 I'm getting used to it again I know I joined back a few years ago and promptly dropped off #adhd but now with everything happening I thought I'd make an account. But Im pretty sure I accidentally made like 5 unnecessary accounts because I was confused about the separate communities.


@DudeBeardGlasses I was initially confused about that at first, but then it all clicked to me as I kept on using the site and explored many of its features.

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