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To better describe myself, I am a Fandom wiki administrator with an interest in art, gaming, and politics. While I usually act rather easygoing most of the time, I can be very passionate about certain causes such as human rights issues and social justice.

Some old Wombo Dream images I made in the past. I was going for a royal bedroom theme and the keywords I made use of worked to some extent.

One of my favorite videos from 2020. The artistry involved in creating this masterpiece should be forever remembered:

Now who thought it would be a good idea to ban co-living? This is only going to worsen the lives of people struggling to pay rent:

For new people wondering why Mastodon is on thousands of servers instead of one:

-It helps protect us all against Elon Musk scenarios. It's very difficult for anyone to buy a network made of thousands of independently owned servers. (It's the same reason why no one owns the world's email network, because there are so many independent providers out there.)

-If your server misbehaves (or sells out to a malevolent billionaire), you can move your account to a different server, or even to a brand new server. Decentralisation means you're never trapped on a site you hate.

-Mastodon is an open platform where anyone can start their own server, and they don't need tech knowledge if they use a service like or

...and there are lots more good reasons too, to do with servers using alternative Fediverse software etc, but I'll save that for a future post 😁

Long ago, I used to make fractal images like these back when I experimented a bit with Apophysis. Maybe I should give it another try for this account?

I've been experimenting with different styles in Wombo Dream just to see how they would interpret the idea of a jungle-themed room.

A few more spaceships I've done this year...they tend to be a 'go to' for me when I want to make something but don't have any concrete ideas. #blender3d #MastoArt #fediart #spaceship #conceptart

The only place that comes to mind is, though I think it would probably be better to make your own instance that focuses entirely on sewing:

For newer people complaining about this or that not working/being too slow:

The admin pays for the privilege of hosting your account, for the server, for the bandwidth, in addition to donating their time to run it. There is no giant corporation behind the scenes making a profit off of your activity here.

Additionally there has been a mass sign-up event that no one expected or prepared for.

Perhaps have a little patience & grace and/or throw some funds in @stux direction to help manage it all.

Which dessert do you prefer most after a hearty meal?

As an #introduction to the Mastodon crowd, here is the first animation that started my online creative journey!

Oak's Lab, but not exactly as you remember it :)

#pokemon #PixelArt #RetroGaming

I recently had my first real run-in with some rather nasty trolls. Good thing Mastodon has an option that allows you to block them and the instances they belong to. Just go to the offending party's account and click on their profile menu where the block domain option can be found.

It's hard to feel sorry for obnoxious people who both dismiss the dangers of COVID-19 while decrying the vaccine for the virus as some kind of big pharma scheme:

I've been playing this Japanese online social game called Rakuen Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura (楽園生活 ひつじ村), translated as Paradise Life Sheep Village.

The graphics are both cute and appealing while the decorations are what allow players to customize their own burgeoning little farm. It's a nice game for people interested in an alternative to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley provided they can overcome the language barrier:

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