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Covid-19 is not racist, but society still is and institutional racism is largely to blame for C-19's disproportionate effect on black people.

Minority communities have FEWER hospitals, medical clinics, and doctor's offices per-capita than middle-class neighborhoods. Minority communities are disproportionately affected by worse transportation options, worse education, worse access to food, and worse opportunities for work that would provide decent healthcare.

Whoever runs against him, the commercial writes itself.

@GooseTheCat @IronMan I hope they use the line, "The Speaker of the State Assembly is not a brain surgeon."

"Pelosi and Schumer seek huge spending increases for hospitals, local aid and food stamps as coronavirus talks intensify"


You know the reason isn't what Republicans are claiming.

Federal Appeals Court Panel Reaffirms Texas Abortion Ban Under Coronavirus Limits

The decision allows the ban while litigation continues. Top state Republican officials have said abortion is an elective procedure and should be suspended to save medical supplies during the pandemic.


Trump on January 22: "It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine."

But there were warnings about COVID-19 in November. They knew and ignored the warnings and waited until March 13th to make any sort of move.

Regardless of how things go, they would have been much better without Trump as President. 

His response to this crisis has been an epic failure.


Thank you so much @IronMan for sending me some money ❤️ Companies like Patreon can make this very hard for us, thank you very much for your support in this times! ❤️

He's driving a truck over oversight, as usual.

These are dictator moves.

Some good news, although this rule has been suspended since 2018.

We simply must elect the Democratic nominee in November. We have a lot to fix. :captain: @HeroesResist

Court strikes down EPA suspension of Obama-era greenhouse gas rule: thehill.com/policy/energy-envi

Need an abortion? We are legally obligated to provide them where you live? No airplane to England due to the pandemic? THERE MIGHT BE A FERRY, GOOD LUCK!

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