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Recently arrived refugee from the birdie place :coolified:

Gradually getting used to this new and very different environment.
Married for 40+ years to an enthusiastic archer. Live on the island of Ireland. Pro-EU.

My favourite things include and other similar

Think that's maybe enough for now 😊😊😊😊

Putin has been using energy as a weapon, causing economic and social hardship.

Statement by President in #EPlenary

This week I:

🛰️ spent ages talking to journalists about the DART Mission, only for them to either not credit me or call my boss and quote him instead.

🏆 won a competition round and placed in another to now become an Australian representative at a large International competition, but got no press about it.

📡 was scrubbed from or not mentioned in all media releases about a huge grant project I spearheaded at work that is based almost entirely on my labour.

Most weeks it doesn’t get to me, but sometimes it is pretty depressingly thankless to be a young woman in academia.

As UK’s PM hopefuls Truss & Sunak struggle to nail down a coherent direction for the country, it has become increasingly evident that Johnson’s 2019 clean-out of Tory moderates has left the party suffering from a lack of talent & a vacuum of policy ideas.


Um, I have news for you... we weren't 'empowered'. The govt (which you are a part of) continued to make policies which had no basis in science, and killed >200,000 people & disabled hundreds of thousands while we screamed helplessly at every step.

NHS leaders have warned of an “unprecedented” risk of death from cold weather this winter unless ministers intervene on spiralling energy costs.  



YouGov gives Labour a 15-point lead.

LAB: 43%
CON: 28%
LD: 11%
GRN: 7%
SNP: 5%
REF: 4%

If repeated at a general election Labour would get a 126 seat majority.

Conservative MPs losing their seats would include Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Grant Shapps and Dominic Raab.

RT @carla_denyer: While private water companies pay £billions to shareholders, they lose billions of litres of water through unrepaired leaks

The industry cannot continue to be rewarded for failure; we must take water supply back into public ownership.

Me in @Independent:


hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
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Isn’t it just a brilliant that we’re about to get a couple of years of government implementing policies which weren’t in any manifesto, which no one based their votes on, lead by a PM which no one had chance to accept or reject? But we invented democracy or something.

The fact Lord Frost of Shittiest-Bit-Of-Derby is a climate denier should come as no surprise. Frost's relationship with facts is tangential at best. He is more than acquainted with lying though.


Liz Truss now being backed by Lord Frost, who says there is no evidence of a ‘climate emergency’ AND the chairman of the Net Zero Support Group.


Can't believe this. Ex-Minister says:

- wind power is "medieval" (yet *fossil fuels* aren't?)
- "current evidence" says no climate emergency (worst droughts for 50 years)
- "unsatisfactory renewables" (when gas caused energy crisis)

Truss mustn't let him anywhere near her Govt


1, 2, 3 - kickflip🛹and cross the EU border freely.

European skateboarders performed their tricks at the 🇪🇪-🇱🇻 border, proving that borders in the #Schengen area only exist on maps.

The free movement of people, goods and services is at the heart of our Union.


After the clown ..the clone.

Liz Truss’s promises are as empty, illogical & deceitful as Johnson’s. No wonder she’s favourite to win the leadership.

Truss is a careerist who will switch positions with the wind & she's a cakeist in the manner of Johnson.

Today is World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Women and young girls make up 75% of all victims in the EU, with 93% of the victims being trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Learn more about EU Anti-trafficking actions. 👇



Raworth: Is Brexit to blame for the queues in Dover?"
Sunak: No
Truss: No

Both said they want to be honest with the British people, both just lied. #BBCOurNextPM


🚨 Our Emergency Response Coordination Centre works 24/7 to coordinate the EU’s response to emergencies in Europe and around the world.

During 2021, the Centre coordinated assistance more than 114 times in response to activations of the #EUCivPro. 👇

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Please retweet to help Storm find a home
'Cuddle Monster' aged 5, looking for someone with breed experience to go on with training. He can live with older children that are ok with a bouncy boy. He needs to be the only pet


#OtD 22 Jul 2011 neo-Nazi Anders Breivik killed 77 and injured 242 in separate bomb and gun terrorist attacks in Norway. Many of those killed were children at a Labour Party Youth camp, murdered as he screamed "You are going to die today, Marxists!"

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