I dont like . With a passion. No hate but close ;)
One of the few people working for MS I respect, is Mark .
He got my attention when he released Sysinternals in the end of the 90s. Those tools were the only ones making it possible to debug anything going on within Windows in a reliable + amazingly easy way. Nothing came close not even internal tools made by MS, as we know now.
Consequently MS bought Mark and his company. Mark stayed there... and now is CTO of Azure, MSs HUGE cloud solution which seriously challenges AWS.
The reason its so huge is, that Azure doesn't force you to use Win; Linux is just fine. That wouldn't have been possible 15y ago. Thats Marks doing.

And now he said openly on Twitter: Stop using C/C++ for new projects. Use instead.An open source language, all experts (but no project leaders) praise. No MS .Net or C#.


I am amazed!

Torvalds btw. said similar things regarding Linux 6.1 and Rust this week.

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