Yes, it's ok that .d the Kernel Module for their GFX cards now. It's a start. People backslapping Nvidia now, arguing "see how good they are!!": Wat?! W/o constant pressure of the Linux community since decades, nothing would've be done. Still no MESA, no CUDA.
As a user, nothing changes for you:
You still need that not open sourced MESA alternative by Nvidia to get a picture on your monitor.
That means also: Fresh install images of Linux distros cannot ship a working Nvidia open source stack - still driving countless users to the stupid "Linux doesn't work on the desktop!!" claim. Because from their view, that's how it is. First hand!!
The only ones who really profit from this are the driver developers. The real open source heros, bringing Nvidia chips to live with almost no documentation - since years!
They finally have something solid to work with now. Those devs are the ones who deserve our support - more than ever.

@Herr_Irrtum Ich muss jetzt doch mal fragen, warum das nun unbedingt in englischer Sprache geschrieben sein muss. Bei aller Liebe zu einer Lingua Franka, trübt das doch das Rezipierungsvergnügen. Bei mir. Und - da bin ich sicher - bei vielen anderen. (Nicht persönlich nehmen, bitte - das adressiert auch viele andere.)


@padeluun It's the internet. "Inter" stands for "international". If it doesn't cover topics only relevant for Germany I tend to write in English (and well, this didn't come out too well in terms of good English, you are right).
Aber Padeluun - es ist mir eine hohe Ehre von Dir kritisiert zu werden :)

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