Irrtum! 2021/09 is out!!

Get on a journey into German , British , bliss, experimental from China, that isn't even music anymore, rock from and many many more acoustical places you may not have been visited before!

With tracks / by

* Maurice Summen
* Michael Kiwanuka
* Little Simz
* Paris Green
* Halsey
* Dirty Art Club
* Ivy Lab
* Kælan Mikla
* Molchat Doma
* Pan Daijing
* Hainbach
* die nicht maskierte irrtum!
* Slow Green Thing
* Lassie
* MACROSS 82-99

If this doesn't work for you, maybe you might get happy with the mirror at my homepage (see profile). Or use the Audio only version here:

* (you might be confronted with ads)

* (recommended)

Have a nice listen! :)

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