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Jim Hagedorn Has failed minnesota. He put trump first and republicans second. He only represented a minority of minnesota. We need a leader who will represent all of us. Dan Feehan will listen to what you have to say. #Vote for #DanFreehan

💻 Here’s one more Florida texting effort that needs recruits!

We need your help to remind Democrats to vote! This is a statewide text bank that will also send Democrats their personalized #SunshineSlate ☀️ Democratic voting guides so we can have victories up and down the entire ballot on Election Day!

Text FL Democrats Their Personalized Voting Guides · Together for 2020

Thanks for any single thing you are able to do! #GOTV #Florida #Elections :GOTV: :voteblue2: :fl:

It's about time that decency, empathy, and solidarity make a comeback in this deeply bruised country. We are all in this together and togetherness is what will move us out of our current crises.

Help Resistance Labs text out the vote today and tomorrow to elect Democrats in:

South Carolina
North Carolina
And a rotating list.

:GOTV: :voteblue: :voteblue2: :bidenharris:
#Vote #VoteBlue #GOTV

📱 Start Texting with Resistance Labs - Sign up here:

Are you voting today or tomorrow?

• Be safe and keep those around you safe:  wear a mask, practice safe physical distancing, bring your own pen.

• Find your polling place at — double-check before you go.

• Facing harassment or intimidation at the polls? Voter intimidation is illegal. Put these numbers in your phone.





#Vote #ElectionDay2020 #VoterProtection #VoteSaveAmerica

We all know that the only poll that matters happens on November 3, 2020.

Vote in historic, supermajority numbers.

Bring democracy to American shores and overthrow the long-running Republican tyranny of the minority. Show Trump, Pence and their Republican kakistocracy, oligarchy, and kleptocracy the door.

Elections really matter. There are many states where you can vote today. :voteblue: :voteblue2: :bh2020:

When does early voting start and end in your state?

It's the #LastWeekend before Election Day.

This is our LAST opportunity to reach voters. We CAN and ARE making a difference.

Join an event. Talk to friends, neighbors, or anyone you meet. Offer rides. Answer questions. Ask people to vote and offer help.

#Vote #VoteBlue #GOTV #Elections2020
:voteblue: :voteblue2: :GOTV:

Here are ways you can help this weekend.


One of the best things you can do to help us win is get trained on the Biden dialer so you can hop in for short stints when you have time.

They have a VERY good Slack channel and the dialer changes all the time as they focus on new states. They have 3-4 trainings a day! Go here, sign up for a 45 minute session, and learn everything you need to know. The dialer is operative ALL DAY so come and go as you please. 2/12

⭐ Call Crew Training! · 2020 Victory ⭐

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☎️☎️ TOP PRIORITY: Call into Miami-Dade County. We need a HUGE surge in turnout there if we're going to win the state of Florida.

Sign up for Saturday:

For Sunday:

For Monday:

#Florida #GOTV #EveryVoteMatters :fl: :GOTV: 3/12

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☎️ Find a ton of good opportunities sorted by highest need through the Swing Left Last Weekend page.

Don't just vote—volunteer!

This year, voting isn't enough. Sign up to volunteer during The Last Weekends of the 2020 election. 4/12

#GOTV #Volunteer #BlueWave2020

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☎️ Volunteer with the WisDems to help GOTV!!! Shifts all weekend long! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!

WI 2020 Victory Events · Mobilize

#Wisconsin #WisDems #GOTV #Vote 5/12

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☎️ Join Beto O'Rourke's "Calling Texas: The Last Mile" campaign. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. SO FUN! Register here.

Calling Texas: The Last Mile

This election is more important than ever. For the first time in decades, we could flip the Texas Legislature and win Texas’ electoral votes. But we need your help. For the last three days of the election, we are committing to calling as many Texans as possible at three all-day phone banks to get out the vote. :tx: 7/12

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☎️ GOTV in Pennsylvania to help turn this important battleground state back to blue! Both Saturday and Sunday, many shifts. Training provided if needed! Sign up here.

#Pennsylvania is considered a, if not the, key to a 2020 Democratic win.

Help get :pa: #BackToBlue :GOTV:

Out-Of-State for PA Get Out The Vote Phone Bank · PA Democratic Party 8/12

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☎️ Also in PA, from now to Election Day, get-out-the-student-vote in PA by helping them make a plan to vote in the upcoming election. Texting and calling. Sign up here. Valuable work.

PA Get-Out-The-Vote Blitz RSVP

#Pennsylvania #GOTV #Vote
Sign up for any hours you can come to! Any amount of your time is appreciated! 9/12

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☎️ You can also call or text into Florida with Victory2020, who has calling and texting all weekend. Sign up here.

Phone to Flip Florida, Text to Trip Trump! (Pick your shifts / we will assign you to a county) · Together for 2020 11/12

#Florida :fl: #TurnFloridaBlue #GOTV :voteblue:

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💻 Saturday GOTV texting in GA, the new swing state!

The New Georgia Project needs a sea of texters. They will train you, entertain you, and give out prizes for costumes. Please sign up here. #Georgia

And She Could Be Next: A story of a defiant movement of women of color, transforming politics from the ground up. 12/12


Thank you for anything you have done and continue to do! Every act counts. :Avengers:

:voteblue: :voteblue2: :bidenharris: :GOTV:

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#ElectionDay #VoterRegistration
Still need to register to vote? Here's what you need to know!

Same day voter registration on 11/3:
CT (online/mail 10/27)
ME (no deadline for in-person)
MI (no deadline for in-person)
NV (online 10/29)
NC (also same-day at early voting thru 10/31)
ND (does not have voter registration)
UT (10/27 online)
VT (no deadline)
WA (no deadline for in-person)

Voter registration deadlines for each state:

Our action items right now – right this very second and from now until November 3 – are crystal clear.

We know what we need to do. We need to vote. We need to protect other people who need to vote. We need to encourage friends to vote, help people register to vote if they still can, and educate people about voting.

Change is possible – when we demand it.
But only if we demand it. Only if we really want it.

Only if we vote.
Let’s get to work. #Vote #GOTV :voteblue: :voteblue2: :bh2020: 7/7

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Volunteer for phone banks, text banks, and literature drops. This can be done through individual campaigns and committees and I post information about them almost daily.

Remind people to return their ballots in person as we cannot risk GOP voter suppression efforts.

Donate to campaigns if that's a possibility for you. The final stretch can be the difference. 6/7

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