@ldlundstrom New round of relief checks???? independent contractors in California like hairdressers and others in similar industries never even received a first round of relief checks and are still forced not to work. Democrats and Republicans still don’t give a f—ck about this.

Tennessee just didn't pay and opened the state back up. Vast chasm between the haves and the have nots has opened up.

That's terrible. People qualified for relief checks non-dependent upon their industry. That was definitely written in. I do believe that Democrats as a whole care a lot more than Republicans.

Hairdressers and any other professions could also apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan or the Paycheck Protection Program, but both are basically out of funds due to Republican mismanagement.

Lastly, people outside of the normal employment situations can file for unemployment.

@IronMan in California, independent contractors filed for unemployment during the first go around and were turned down. Then Newsom said we could try again under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Not one of us have heard anything. Don’t get me wrong, glad to have Newsom, Pelosi, & Harris here in Calif but they really did leave us out in the cold on this one. The worst part is they’ve allowed most businesses to reopen but not most of our industries, yet restaurants & waiters were coddled

@IronMan Food-to-go is 'essential' when you haven’t a clue how many hands have touched your food & the containers they come in? So it’s the hairdressers, manicurists, facialists, make up artists, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc that are demonic & those wanting our services are selfish? We can’t make a living & we haven’t received any unemployment benefits. That’s not only thoughtless & unfair, it’s down right prejudice. Other professions & industries received preferential privileges.

Person to person contact is how COVID community spreads, though.

That's not legislatable, but science. You should certainly have benefits and I know people in the restaurant industry that didn't get any, either. Nothing.

But we can't just open things up where people have person to person contact. People will die.

@Captain_America @IronMan food to go or pick up food is just a communicable. You have no idea who has touched, sneezed on, or contaminated your food with respiratory droplets. My point is, same rules should apply to all and if not, that’s a prejudice in itself. Hurt some but not others? I see most male newscasters have fresh haircuts. That’s OK? Don’t make one profession bad when there’s plenty of professions that can do just as much harm


NOBODY likes this situation. However, social distancing is still necessary and personal contact is the biggest and worst coronavirus spreader.

There is not really a risk of community spread through food delivery. It's science re: spread and we should all be aware of the facts.

Every single person deserves assistance. Period. I don't think it's Newsom's intention to punish particular lines of work.

And no, no exceptions.

@IronMan OK… I understand your point but what are we suppose to do? We are losing everything while food-to-goers, beach-goers, manufacturers, clothing stores, etc are rewarded. Either allow us to return to work or they should’ve been certain we received the same unemployment benefits from the beginning when issuing the stay at home orders. We work long & hard hours paying lots of money quarterly in state & federal taxes yet so easily discarded. After a certain age, many IC will never recover

I completely understand and I'm not unaffected, either.

I wish there was a solution that worked well. All of 8 businesses in my county got state help and I can see almost 8 out my window.

It's my understanding that the federal government didn't follow through, in particular Steve Mnuchin having no oversight on how money was allocated.

I just wish to see the blame go where it belongs is all.

I want everyone to be able to return to work and get paid more than the initial give.

@IronMan Trust me, I blame Trump and the Republicans. It’s not my intention to blame Newsom, it’s just very frustrating. I really like Gavin & believe he will be POTUS one day.

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