not tear-gassed.
not struck by rubber bullets.
not shoved to the ground by officers.
protest encouraged by the president.

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Big Donations from Popeyes, Taco-Bell, Wendy’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Panera all supporting Trump

America is on a precipice. Whether we go over the edge into the abyss of a full-blown authoritarian state or find firm ground on which to construct an inclusive democracy depends on what we do right now.

Good job @glennkirschner2

This helps explain part of the crazy today.

Bill Barr's Selective Blame Game youtu.be/kKbvsZ6WsRg via @YouTube

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“One of those driven out w/tear gas for the photo op was a *priest of the diocese.*”

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06/01/20: MAGA’s honors Jefferson Davis' birthday with a state holiday.

It’s NOT a holiday; it's a reminder that these states fought to uphold a system of white supremacy built on the enslavement of African Americans.

George Will, one of the most accomplished and respected conservative columnists America has ever produced, has just dropped a (figurative) nuclear bomb on Donald Trump and his Republican enablers. Read it; and then read it again.

George Will: There is no such thing as rock bottom for Trump. Assume the worst is yet to come

Angry Donald 'Draft Dodger' Trump calls on governors to 'dominate' George Floyd protests

'Cadet Bone Spurs rants at governors, police and security officials'

'Law enforcement must "dominate" or look like a bunch of jerks'


Every other modern president would do better. He's not skilled at either of those things and doesn't care to be.

We can get one who will do better in 5 months.

It’s getting closer. Trump is comfortable in the White House, he has no intention of going anywhere.

The states no longer have control over the land within their borders

EPA limits states and tribes’ ability to protest pipelines and other energy projects washingtonpost.com/climate-env

Joe Biden vowed to address institutional racism in his first 100 days in office as he sought to elevate his voice Monday in the exploding national debate over racism and police brutality.

The far-right holds a monopoly on violence. For the president to label antifascists as terrorists is both a distraction from right-wing extremist violence and an attempt to delegitimize genuine anti-racist political activism.

Accusations in a Mirror: How the Radical Right Blames Rising Political Violence on the Left

Trump Ordered Protesters Tear-Gassed And Beaten So He Could Stand In Front Of A Church ift.tt/3cojsj6

All afternoon there was a peaceful protest at Lafayette Park.

At 6:30, the military police showed up.

At 6:45, they fired tear-gas.  With absolutely no provocation.

And largely no violent reaction.

The president tried to instigate a riot and failed.

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Trump has now said he will deploy the military to cut down protests with  teargas, rubber bullets...guns against innocent people. 

If he doesn't kill all with the virus, he will have the military do it. The military should stand down.

Now he's doing a photo op at a church. He uses an insurrection law manipulatively against peaceful protesters to clear the park for a photo op. A photo op. He's unhinged.

Wake up, America. This president is a dictator. Wake up before it's too late for us.

💥 Residents of DC, IN, IA, MD, MT, NM, PA, RI, and SD: you have primary elections on Tuesday, June 2nd.

The whole purpose of democracy is for every person to have a say in what goes on.
No, simply voting won't fix everything, however not voting surely won't fix anything.

Check @HeroesResist for instructions for in-person voting and dropping off absentee/mail ballots for each state. Vote if you haven't. We need you. Be safe.


People taking advantage of this horrible injustice laid upon so many other horrible injustices make me ill.

Fear, hate, lying, incompetence, lack of leadership, corruption, a crashing economy, unrestrained polluters, unemployment, hunger, death, an out of control plague he was too cowardly to defend us from, ‘very fine people on both sides’, a race war he's afraid to address, and foreign interference from countries Trump's afraid of.

How's this experiment working out Remember in November and do better.

Russia and China target U.S. protests on social media:

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