Small rant 

I don't understand this stupid war between boomers and millennials.

Why are some boomers so judgemental towards us and put all of us into the same basket?

Stop applying all the teenager cliches to all millennials, like the "always on their phone" one, or the "never gives a frick about world history" one, etc...

We are all different. Some of us actually care about world history, enjoy classical music, and don't spend all of our time on social media.

This is ridiculous...

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Small rant 

Reminds me of that story of a student who was in a museum with their class. They were googling on their phone to get more information about an art piece and its original artist, but their teacher immediately jumped on the conclusion that they were on social media or something.

As if the Internet wasn't a source of info...

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Small rant 

To anyone wondering why I am saying all of this now...

Someone on birdsite was talking about a Looney Tunes cartoon that was released back in WW2, only saying that it was full of racism, which is a fact.

Someone else quote-retweeted, claiming that the author of the tweet didn't know the context and was trying to "cancel" the cartoon, before saying "millennials seem to think world history began in the late 2000s".

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Small rant 

Nowhere did the author of the original tweet complained about the cartoon or was trying to "cancel" it.

If that person had scrolled further down the thread. they would have seen the tweet where they clearly said that they were aware the cartoon was WW2 propaganda. They only wanted to bring discussion and give insight, as some people didn't know about said cartoon.

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