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I've never made proper on this account, so here we go:

Hello! You can call me Anna, aka HeartClock(08). I'm a socially anxious girl with ADHD.

I draw both traditional and pixel art (I post the latter on my account).

I also write stories, mostly dark animal fantasy.

I don't often feel like socializing, but feel free to contact me if you wish to. I don't mind. :blobfoxheartcute:

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The wind whistled through the trees. With the hoots and croaks, it created a soothing harmony. But Cynthia couldn't sleep. For tonight was the night where everything would change.

She tossed and turned in the bed, striving to fall into slumber. The bloody shimmer of the moon reflected upon her husband's face. He was dreaming peacefully, unaware of the events that were about to unfold.

After a long while, she glanced at her alarm clock.

It was time.

This month's update: basically trying to find ways to fight procrastination and struggling with Chroma's new design/reference sheet.

Full update can be seen here:

I'm struggling with Chroma's new design and it's so frustrating...

I want to make it more complex than her old one, but not too much. I keep changing certain details over and over again, to the point that I feel discouraged to keep on going with it. The month is almost over and I'm still far from finishing her new reference sheet.

I know I'm supposed to experiment with different design elements and such, but I wish I would have been done with it by now. It just doesn't feel fun anymore...

I was supposed to call a family member today, but my energy is so low right now, it's hard forcing myself to do it.

I wish people would just leave me alone, sometimes...

Since I'm passing by, I'm gonna take this opportunity to wish everybody who sees this toot a wonderful day! I hope you are doing well. :blobfoxheartcute:

Here comes the "monthly" updates on my projects.

I've already explained everything on DA. But long story short: I'm going to write another story on the side, and I'm currently making a new reference sheet for Chroma with her new design, as I'm not satisfied with her current one. I'm also thinking about what to do once I'm done writing the first book of the trilogy (i.e. whether I want to post it on the internet for free, or sell it to try and make a living out of writing).

If you wish to read the full updates on my DA, here it is:

I don't know why, but it feels satisfying to have a physical checklist of stuff to do. For some reason, it motivates me every time I look at it. :blobfoxuwu:

Looks like someone else I used to hang out with on Mastodon and Matrix is now gone too...

Man, does this hurt so much. And I wasn't even particularly close to either of them...

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Sometimes, I think about him...

I checked his accounts on other websites, it seems he ceased all activity since last year. I hope he's okay, wherever he is...

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There's a friend of mine I haven't seen in almost two years, who used to be on Mastodon...

I'm worried about him...

Take a nice shower or bath. You can clean your body and mind at the same time.

Netflix is planning to show ads? I fucking hate how with many modern services you're paying AND they're still shoving ads in your face.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you the ability to be gentle ✨

I hope you guys have been doing okay.

Here's some love, for anyone who needs it. :blobfoxheartcute: :blobfoxcatsnuggle:

What fedi software are you using right now?

:boost_rainbow: for larger audience pls

Hi, I'm not dead! Just lacking motivation to socialize...

I've been doing okay, I guess. I'm still writing my novel, though I'm struggling to do so. I have a lot of inspiration but can't bring myself to continue.

I mean, it's been a whole year and I haven't done as much progress as I wish I had. It's so frustrating...

But anyways, I hope you guys are doing alright too. I may rarely check Mastodon, but I'm still more or less present, thanks to the notifications.

Have a nice day everybody! :blobfoxheartcute:

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