We found this little museum place - The Glenview Folk Museum - privately owned, very well maintained and containing all kids of interesting stuff, divided into themed areas. There are some items there of historical interest, which show bigotry and racism was absolutely normal ; thankfully many of us have moved away from such horrible views and attitudes now. I hope we never return to these views.

More delights in the Glenview museum. I had little leather Clark’s sandals exactly like these as a child - they made great blisters on my heels.
The list of ‘cures’ and their prices in the chemists shop is very entertaining.
A picture from Irish History.
This red Renault is a precursor to the first car I ever drove, and passed my driving test in - a Renault with the gearstick in the middle of the dashboard.


The famous Irish author; John McGahern and his absolutely heartbreaking history.
A fully recreated old-fashioned garage
A typical racist sign, of the kind too often seen in England many years ago. It was not uncommon to see ‘No Dogs, No, Blacks, No Irish’ in boarding house windows.

Later in the day we found the home of Co Leitrim’s Gunpowder Gin. The cafe is excellent and we have a lovely and well priced lunch in very pleasant surroundings. We then went on the Gin & Whisky & Vodka tour, where top class tales are spun.
There is also a very well stocked gift shop.

Morning of our final day at the Slieve Russell Hotel. This part of the grounds known as The Secret Garden is my favourite place. I could stay here all day

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