We booked the afternoon at Eagle’s Flying - a managed sanctuary for birds of prey and owls. As we had some time to spare en-route we called in to King House, in Boyle, Co Roscommon. There’s far more to it but here are a couple of pix of an interesting sculpture outside the door. It will be worth a full visit another day, when we can see the presidential gifts received by Mary McAleese, and many other artefacts. The King family were the billionaires of their day, and money / expense was no bar to anything they wanted. So much so they build a second much bigger house at Lough Key - it burned down after a few years and was completely lost.
Anyway, here’s the sculpture. It could be a human head in a mask; move slightly and it’s a kiwi; move again and it’s a raven. Very interesting piece.

Two of the characters at Eagles Flying; This must be the most elderly gander I have ever seen. His mate was there also, and they were never more than a few feet apart.
The other one is Bertie O’Heron - a play on the name of former Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahearne. Bertie has a mate and a nest of young herons; but he’s really fussy, as was hand reared as an orphan chick. Will only eat day old chicks, which he takes to the nest. If he’s given fish it must have the head & tail removed and be a fillet - no bones. He has been offered release but refuses to leave, so knows where the home comforts and food is.

Some of the birds which were in their aviaries, or flying today. I really like the close-up I managed to get in the first pix. The other two are species of eagle afaik, and the last one is my favourite - a barn-owl sitting on my hand. Such a privelege.

On our return to our accomodation I noticed this formation in the hills. It’s called Caves at Kasesh. Very ancient caves of which there are more than ten. Surveys etc suggest these have been inhabited by humans and others since very ancient times indeed. This will be a trip for another day. Who doesn’t love troglodyte stories?

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